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Facts About The Sage Plant

sage plant

The Sage Plant - Some Basics

The Sage Plant, better known as California White Sage or scientifically as Salvia apiana has become world-famous because of its many outstanding virtues. It is a vey unusual, multi-purpose plant which has a long history of use in a variety of Native American and other traditional cultures. In fact, in societies where White Sage is not commonly found or grown, it has been introduced to widespread acclaim. Such wholehearted acceptance of a new plant is uncommon, since these societies are conservative and cautious about bringing a novel material into general use. The primary use for White Sage is in serious rites of psychic cleansing and purification. Before new ideas or policies are put into practice or far-reaching judgements are handed down, clear minds and hearts are needed to understand how matters will finally work themselves out. Insight and wisdom must be attained rapidly and effectively, too. Here, the Sage Plant provides necessary purification for this to take place.

The Sage Plant - Details To Know

Originally, White Sage was used by societies making their homes in regions where it was customarily found in abundance. Areas fitting this description include high deserts of the American Southwest and Northern Mexico, including the Baja peninsula. For example, the entire Aztec culture was quite familiar with the benefits of White Sage and employed it frequently in their ceremonies. The usual way to use it was by drying and then tightly bundling it into rods that could be smoldered from one end to the other. Fumes arising from the smoldering Sage could we wafted around the ceremonial area, or the ignited bundle itself - called a smudge stick or smudge wand - could be easily carried from one place to another, so the purifying smoke would go wherever it was needed.

The Sage Plant - Our Commitment To You

Lucky Six Farms has been prayerfully cultivating, harvesting, and packaging White Sage for several decades and has satisfied customers in every corner of the globe. While White Sage smudge sticks of numerous sizes are always available, the wonderful qualities of this plant may also be enjoyed in other forms - like essential oil and hydrosol - many people find more convenient for the hustle and bustle of modern life. Purification for psychic clarity is something that never goes out of style: try it for yourself to see what we mean!

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